In light of its human and quality values, Koryo operates in accordance with ethical principles. We respect our clients' values and methods as well as the most stringent requirements in calls for tenders.

1 - Sustainable development

Our teams are sensitive to the environmental, social and economic dimensions of their activities. Working with our clients, we take a proactive approach and provide advice on technical and design options in accordance with their priorities.

Charte des Relations Fournisseurs Responsables

"Charte Relations Fournisseur Responsables"

Koryo has been a signatory of the "Charte Relations Fournisseur Responsables", a Ministry of Economy and Finance initiative, since it was launched. The implementation of the Charter's 10 responsible purchasing commitments and the appointment of an in-house ombudsman testify to Koryo's willingness to maintain a balanced and lasting relationship with clients and suppliers.


Download the "Charte RFR"
Logos FSC & PEFC


Koryo obtained FSC and PEFC certifications in 2010. Our clients can therefore rest assured that their products will be FSC- or PEFC-certified and made with paper derived from responsibly-managed forests.

Download our FSC and PEFC certificates


We cooperate with Citeo, a body responsible for sorting, collecting and recycling paper in France. We assist clients with their eco-design strategy and help them declare the amount of paper that they use every year (B.E.D.).

Des prestataires certifiés

Certified service providers

We have a large number of listing criteria which take quality and environmental certificates into account in particular: ISO 9001, IS0 12647 (colour rendering), ISO 14001, FSC, PEFC, Imprim'Vert, Print Environnement, etc.

Les actions en interne

In-house action

Koryo is also concerned about its own working environment. Special attention has been paid to the ergonomics of workstations, the comfortable and pleasing nature of our premises, and teleworking in order to improve the well-being of our teams.

In addition to the sorting and recycling of waste produced by its activities, Koryo has had a beehive installed on its roof. The beehive is a biodiversity-friendly gesture and a source of honey that is shared every year.

2 - Quality

We are attentive to the requirements and needs expressed by our clients. We work together to ensure continuous progress.

Quality management method and tools

Koryo implements a process-based quality management system for each of its clients and uses quality management tools and procedures (PDCA, SRM, BCP/BRP, Non-Conformities, Audits, Coordination committee, etc.).
As an integral part of our quality process, suppliers are regularly monitored through visits, audits and inspections. We carry out the press check in situ. Furthermore, clients are warmly invited to take part in this process in a spirit of trust and transparency.
Above all else, Koryo puts product quality first. Together with your satisfaction, quality is our raison d'être. We therefore select the best quality-price solution which guarantees an optimal final result.

3 - Innovation

We are an active member of our industry and open to the world around us. We take part in and support projects, proud to be able to help them develop.

Partager les bonnes pratiques

Sharing best practice

Koryo is a member of Observatoire COM MEDIA, a source of information and continuous innovation for global communication companies. Its working groups contribute to the improvement of best practice within the industry.

Cultiver l'art et la matière

Promoting the arts

Koryo is a sponsor of the Paris Autumn Festival, a multi-disciplinary art festival that organises more than 60 events from the world of music, theatre, dance, cinema and fine art every year.

Soutenir les associations dans leur action

Supporting associations

Over the past three years, Koryo has sponsored the sports association, Veloteam 78. Koryo is also an official sponsor of La Sans Raison, a race organised in support of the Laurette Fugain association.