Reporters sans frontières

144-page photo album with a cover sold at newsstands and in bookshops on behalf of Reporters Without Borders for Freedom of Information
Client manager: Judith Benyayer, publications and marketing manager

Challenge faced:

To produce, three or four times a year, 110,000 copies of a photo album boasting a very high level of reproduction quality.
To produce the album within a very short lead time for delivery on a specific date to Prestalis (newsstands) and Interforum (bookshops) without altering the final product.
To obtain preferential prices for Reporters Without Borders.

Koryo's response:

A dedicated manufacturer.
An adapted prepress with special treatment of black monochrome pictures based on the profiles of the materials and rotary presses used.
Purchase of paper for the year to secure preferential prices.
Free storage of the internal reels and cover sheets in the printing plant selected.
To print the albums with an average pagination of 24 or 48 pages on sextuple presses to optimise a four-colour + grey + varnish finish.
Printing and binding prices guaranteed for a minimum of three years.
We also manage the shipment process to ensure on-time delivery.

Technical support at every stage of the production process, including discussions with the printers during our three-day visit to the plant.

Reporters Sans Frontières